Emerald City: Our Newest Haunt

Parent-Tot Open Gym at Emerald City: The perfect Kansas City toddler activity.

It is always hard to find places where a young toddler can play. This was even more true on Halloween. Every event was either all about candy, during Baby’s naps, or after bedtime. Halloween was my favorite holiday, so missing out on all the fun was beginning to bum me out. A few days before Halloween, however, a friend shared an event on Facebook that looked like it was created specifically with Baby and me in mind: Emerald City’s Parent-Tot Halloween Party.

Emerald City Gym is a gymnastics center with an incredible set up for kids of all ages. They have a huge play area with in-ground trampolines, slides, balance beams, a rope swing, a rock wall, and more fun things to do and climb on. Outside of open play, they also have traditional gymnastics equipment for recreational and competitive training. Continue reading

SITS Day Celebration + Giveaway!


Hello Friends! Today I am very excited to be the featured blogger on The SITS Girls, an incredible website and network that has meant so much to me since I first began blogging.

For those unfamiliar, SITS stands for the secret is in the sauce, and it is all about helping bloggers find their tribe and grow their audience. The SITS Girls blog, weekly SITS Sharefest linky, and #SITSBlogging chats on Twitter have been wonderful ways for me to share posts, connect with other bloggers, learn new skills, and collaborate on fun new projects.

If you’re new to Reflective Mama, this blog is all about the everyday adventures of being a new mom, friendships, a touch of fitness, and books I read along the way. Fifteen-month-old “Baby” is often the star of the show. My posts are honest, sometimes humorous, and always written from the heart. Here are some of my favorites: Continue reading

A Harry Potter Nursery


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There are surprisingly few things my husband and I have in common. I love summer, he loves winter. He is a huge baseball, basketball, soccer and football fan, whereas I love dance and gymnastics. He watches the Food Network and Travel Channel, I watch ABC Family and the CW. He reads fantasy books (and motivates his employees by threatening Game of Thrones spoilers), while my guilty pleasure is teen fiction.

Needless to say, picking out a nursery theme was a challenge, especially once we found out we were having a boy. We agreed early on for a blue and green color scheme, but that was it (we needed pick out colors because my mom was making us a baby quilt). Whenever someone would ask for our nursery theme, I would respond with “blue and green.” Continue reading

Dear Stroller, It’s Not You…

Britax B-Ready, I love you. You complete me. But I need an umbrella stroller, too.
This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after following an affiliate link, Reflective Mama will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

With a very active dog who demands loves LONG walks, a great stroller was a necessity on our baby registry. We can also walk to our grocery store, Walgreens, the post office, and some restaurants from our house (a luxury in the Kansas City suburbs), so I was excited for some stroller driven post-baby exercise.

Before landing in Buy Buy Baby’s strollerland, I assumed we’d get one of those stroller/carseat matching travel systems. The giant front wheel on jogging strollers just felt odd to me. With some help from the stroller guy, I fell in love with the Baby Jogger City Mini. Small, lightweight, comfy. Perfect. Continue reading

Please Keep Talking

What's the best baby shower gift? Spending time with a new mom after baby comes.

There are few things better than reconnecting with an old friend. The best friends, old or new, are ones where you can just be yourself. These are the friends who you can spend a whole day with doing nothing together, and afterwards feel like it was the best day ever. These friendships can be hard to find as we get older and difficult to carry on over long distance. Saying nothing over the phone doesn’t quite have the same effect.

I’m frequently hesitant to call up old friends, because I worry I won’t have anything to say. Once, when I was finally able to catch up with a friend, she commented that she’d been doing most of the talking. She seemed to start feeling self-conscious about talking so much, but I was truly hanging on every word. Continue reading